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With Starter

The quickest way to get started with kyoto is a pre-prepared starter project.


First, you need to clone the starter as a new project.
<app name> - desired project name

git clone --recursive <app name>

Then, we need to install node dependencies and build the CSS.
All statics and assets used for building are placed in the static directory.

(cd static; npm i; npm run build)

For the final step, you'll need to set the git origin URL to your own repository's URL.
<repo> - your's project repository's URL

git remote set-url origin <repo>

What's Included?

  • kyoto - core library
  • zen - set of commonly used tools
  • i18n - internationalizing helper
  • uikit - UI Kit, built on top of kyoto
  • tailwindcss - Tailwind CSS library
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