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v1.0 release

Yurii Zinets
26 June 2022

A first major release of kyoto, v1.0. We went through a huge architecture changes multiple times and took some hard decisions in development process. Please note, it’s a breaking release. It’s not similar to anything published in 0.x versions.

Key concept of the new architecture comparing to struct based components - asynchronous functions as a component, based on generics and zen.Future. As far as overall concept is not documented yet, I’d recommend checking code sources for now. It’s well documented and structured.

There is no sense to provide a change list because everything was changed drastically, so I’d like to recommend checking our documentation on As a part of our optimizations, we are moving our documentation directly into the code. Documentation will be automatically generated by, which would significantly ease the overall development process.

I have to apologize for drastically changing architecture right before 1.0. This decision should have been made before the release because stable version imposes many restrictions on such movements. Sticking with not-so-good approach for compatibility with 0.x (which did not promise to stay stable anyway) is quite a bad idea. Work on minor libraries refactor, like uikit, will start right from this moment.

If you find yourself in a bad situation because of these changes, please, let me know. I can help with adapting to this change, as our team will be doing the same. You can find contacts right in the README.

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